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Planting Trees and Restoring
Our Woodland Environment

Help us plant 10,000 trees!

At the Waldorf School of Bend, we are a Force (Forest!) for Good. We plant trees.

We plant trees. Healthy forests are good for everyone – humans, animals, communities, businesses, and the Earth!

In 2020, our school and community goal is to plant 10,000 trees!

YOU can make a difference! Every $10 sponsors one tree – and a student’s labor to plant it. Sponsor as many trees as you like, and help us create a Forest for Good!

The Forest for Good project will reforest an area devastated by fire, and make a local, positive difference toward cleaner air, healthy wildlife habitat, human recreation, and so much more.

This project influences the future of our forests and our school. We are not selling candy bars or wrapping paper. Instead of buying “things,” you are sponsoring our service action! As an independent non-profit school, we operate without federal or state funding. Fundraising is essential to augment our operating expenses, which are only 85% covered by tuition and fees.

By becoming a patron of this project, you support a vibrant education, a healthier planet, and our collective future. 

Sponsor the Forest for Good!

$10 = 1 tree

The Details

In 2017, 24,000 acres of Central Oregon woodland was devastated by the Milli Fire in the Deschutes National Forest and Three Sisters Wilderness area. WSB has partnered with the USFS to replant 50 of those acres with 10,000 trees.

Your donation demonstrates your dedication to our beautiful forests AND you become a steward of our children’s bright futures!

Stand with us and plant a Forest for Good! Become a tree sponsor today!

How it works

Join us and sponsor trees at $10 each! Then, on May 1st and 2nd of 2020, the Waldorf School of Bend, partnering with the USFS Sisters Division, will plant up to 10,000 seedling trees over 50 acres of burned land in the Trout Creek area of the Deschutes National Forest.

Using seedlings cultivated by the USFS for location and elevation, our students, faculty, staff, and families will gather as a small army of tree lovers to replant the area surveyed and plotted by our foresters. 


Sponsor a tree or twenty today!

Why Trees

Forests are vital to the health of our communities in many ways. 

  • Clean air: trees capture carbon and store it deep in their trunks and roots. They turn carbon dioxide into oxygen!
  • Cooler temperatures: trees are like outdoor air conditioners. Cooler air means fewer storms – and lower energy bills
  • Biodiversity: a burgeoning forest provides a safe haven for plant and animal wildlife to thrive
  • Human health: research has proven that time spent in forests lowers blood pressure, bolsters immune systems, and much more
  • Jobs: thousands of jobs in recreation, forestry, science, industry, and more are dependent on thriving forests

The areas replanted by our school will forever provide the students and community a place to return and witness the impact of their love and labor.  Over the years, as our Forest for Good grows and thrives, it will offset over 283 tons of carbon. That’s a huge WIN for our local and global community. 

Your generous donation will fuel the energy to get these trees planted, and sustain the education of our students – the conscious leaders of tomorrow.

Sponsor the Forest for Good!

$10 = 1 tree

Help us reach our 10,000 tree goal!

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